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The 14th Annual Hands-on House Half Marathon 10K & 5K in Lancaster County features a USATF certified 13.1 mile circuit course, part of the Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Circuit, on scenic Pennsylvania Dutch roads, past a one room schoolhouse and over a covered bridge. It is a beautiful run. The 5K course is a scenic run through local neighborhoods.

2009 Results

2009 Half Marathon Results

Overall Male

Mark Stallings5:071:07:051:07:58
Daryl Weaver5:301:12:031:12:03
Timothy Felegie5:401:14:161:14:16

Overall Female

Elizabeth Smith6:201:23:021:23:02
Megan Carson6:461:28:431:28:43
Vanessa Andes6:541:30:231:30:23

Results By Age Group - Male

Male 15-19John Wallace5:461:15:37
Male 20-24Greg Stratton7:061:33:03
Male 25-29Mark Stallings5:071:07:05
Male 30-34Timothy Felegie5:401:14:16
Male 35-39Daryl Weaver5:301:12:03
Male 40-44Don Wagner5:461:15:32
Male 45-49Bill Boben6:191:22:51
Male 50-54Kary Zimmerman6:311:25:26
Male 55-59Gary Grobman6:271:24:34
Male 60-64Edward LeCates6:541:30:19

Results By Age Group - Female

Female 20-24Christina Neff7:101:33:52
Female 25-29Elizabeth Smith6:201:23:02
Female 30-34Samantha Bausher-Grybosky7:001:31:43
Female 35-39Karen Myers7:151:35:05
Female 40-44Deidre Miller6:581:31:22
Female 45-49Monica Starett7:041:32:29
Female 50-54Lisa, Cameron7:161:35:11
Female 55-59DeeDee Smith8:381:53:09
Female 60-64Christy St. Clair8:371:53:09

5K Results

Overall Male

Cole Owens05:500:18:06

Overall Female

Jennifer Galfano06:260:19:57

Top 3 Male

Cole Owens05:500:18:06
Nicholas Riehl05:540:18:17
Issac Staat06:000:18:37

Top 3 Female

Jennifer Galfano06:260:19:57
Melanie Craver06:340:20:22
Angela Myers06:550:21:26